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What Is Lawn Aeration?

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When you aerate your lawn, you punch holes in the soil. These holes allow more air and water circulation around your lawn’s roots, preventing fungal invasions, and they encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms eat lawn thatch, a layer of dead bits of grass on top of the soil that can choke out your lawn. Aeration also makes it easier for your lawn to grow stronger, deeper roots. A good root system is essential for your lawn’s survival in times of drought. The best times to aerate your lawn are the spring and fall.

Some lawns are better candidates for aeration than others. Lawns growing in clay soils usually need aeration around twice a year because the clay compacts easily. Lawns in sandy soil usually need to be aerated much less. Once a year should be sufficient.Aeration is an easy way to improve your lawn’s health. By aerating just once or twice a year, you can ensure that your lawn’s roots are strong. You will see the result of healthy roots every time you look outside: an emerald green carpet of thriving grass





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