Lawn Care & Pest Control in Nampa, Idaho

At Diamond Lawns, we strive to provide the highest quality landscaping and lawn care service in Nampa, Idaho. We have been around for decades and have earned a reputation as a provider of excellent and honest yard care with excellent customer service at a fair price. We always put our customers’ needs first. We listen and ask questions to make sure we are giving you exactly what your yard needs. That is why we are Nampa’s leading provider or yard care.

High-Quality Care

At Diamond Lawns, we have the resources to provide high-quality lawn care in Nampa, Idaho, at any level. We service a broad range of clients from residential to commercial and H.O.A. We can provide landscaping, maintenance, tree care, and pest control, and we bring our commitment to every job.

Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service by taking the time to understand our customers’ needs. Whether that means asking questions to make sure exactly what you have in mind for a landscaping job, or responding quickly to unexpected maintenance needs. When it comes to pest control, Nampa residents can trust us because we have a track record of responding quickly to new or unexpected pests.

Contact us today, and we would be happy to set up an appointment or schedule an estimate.

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