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Sprinkler Systems in Idaho

If you’re searching for a trusted company that specializes in the design and installation of sprinkler systems in Idaho, you’ve found us. Call today to schedule an appointment with an experienced sprinkler technician at Diamond Lawns.

Diamond Lawns Sprinkler System Guarantee

Our highly-trained sprinkler system experts in Idaho are skilled in designing and installing new systems, as well as revamping old and tired systems to restore their performance. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with the perfect automated irrigation system, that all of our new Perfect Watering Systems are guaranteed to perform flawlessly and backed by two different warranties:

  • 2-year parts warranty
  • 6-month design flaw warranty

Don’t waste your time and money on a new sprinkler system that fails to adequately water your entire lawn. Enlist a Diamond Lawns professional to get the job done right the first time and cover your end in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Save Time, Money, and More

Thanks to our team’s expertise and considerate design, a Diamond Lawns Perfect Watering System supplies you and your lawn with many benefits. Not only will our high-end sprinkler systems greatly add to the property value of your home by keeping your landscaping lush and beautiful, but it will also save you time, money, and water.


Our sprinkler systems in Idaho are professionally designed to make the most of your resources by watering your whole lawn without wasting excess water, which is good for the environment and your water bill. Additionally, our automatic systems require very little attention and are programmed to operate on a predetermined schedule, even when you’re away from home.

Refresh Your Lawn Today

Refresh your lawn with a brand new Perfect Watering System from the Diamond Lawns sprinkler system technicians in Idaho. Call today to schedule an appointment or discuss your options for new and old sprinkler systems in Idaho.

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“We know what we are doing and we’ll guarantee it!”