Dormant Oil for Trees

Dormant oil for trees and shrubbery is an effective way to get rid of pests and bugs that may be causing damage to your greenery. Dormant oil — sometimes referred to as horticultural oil — can be applied to certain kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs to combat bugs. Oftentimes, it is applied before permanent damage occurs, saving the trees.

Dormant oil for trees must be applied by a trained professional who knows how to apply the proper dose in the appropriate time frame. Dormant oil is ineffective and potentially damaging to some trees and shrubbery, so it is always best to let an expert safely apply the oil to the appropriate greenery. If you have any questions, always ask an expert.

Uses of Dormant Oil for Trees

Dormant oil for trees is most commonly used to ward off bugs like aphids, spider mites, and scale insects. Because Diamond Lawns and Pests is local to Idaho, we know what bugs, mites, and pests are most common to the area and we know how to save your trees. Our plant experts and specialists know what kinds of trees and shrubs can be successfully treated with dormant oil and what season is best for an application. By using our tree expertise and high-end products, we are able to save trees from eager aphids or a nest of spider mite eggs just waiting to hatch.

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