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Ant Control & Ant Extermination in Idaho

Are ants invading your lawn, patio, garage, or even inside your home? Ants aren’t only common but can be quite invasive. In fact, an average-sized ant colony can contain thousands of individual ants! If you notice a couple of ants walking along your baseboards or on a shelf in your pantry, chances are you have an infestation that needs to be taken care of before you are completely overrun with these little pests.

Problems with Ants

You may think ants are harmless little creatures, and usually, they are when you are dealing with just a small colony. However, larger colonies can cause extensive damage to patios and other hardscaped areas in your yard, many species of ants bite (which can be painful), and finding ants in your food is not appetizing at all.

Careful Extermination

There are more than 12,000 types of ants on the earth. In Idaho, the red pavement ant, velvet ant, and western harvester ant are the most common varieties. Our team of expert pest control specialists can identify which type of ant is giving you problems. We will then use a personalized plan to find out where the nest is located, and carefully exterminate them without any disruption to you or your home.  

Our Team of Experts

Being the premier experts on pest control in Idaho, our focus is on delivering effective solutions while being considerate of your budget. We are locally owned and operated, serving commercial, residential, and H.O.A. clients. We commit to bring you quality, timely, and hassle-free ant control and ant extermination services in Idaho, as well as lawn care services.

If your home or business needs the service of ant control or ant extermination in Idaho, we can help. Contact Diamond Lawns today to get your ant infestation eradicated!