bee removal

Bee & Wasp Removal in Idaho

There are many kinds of bees and wasps in Idaho, but wasps are usually the most dangerous. They hang their nests in high places on your property and can attack without warning if they think they are threatened.

Some people try to get rid of wasp nests using home solutions, but this is always a risk. If you spray a nest with an insecticide, for example, some of them will survive and attack in a frenzy, which is especially dangerous to anyone allergic to stings.

Recognizing Bees and Wasps

Recognizing the difference between a bee and a wasp is pretty easy. Bees often have fur on round bodies and fly with their legs hanging down. Wasps are shiny and almost hairless, have a narrow, elongated body, and fly with their legs tucked in.

Bees make their nests out of wax, whereas wasps make theirs out of paper. Bees usually only sting once if directly attacked or provoked, whereas wasps can attack without provocation and sting repetitively.

Bee and Wasp Exterminators at Diamond Lawns

Having either bees or wasps on your property can be dangerous for you, your children, and your pets.

Diamond Lawns has expert technicians who are trained and equipped to handle wasps and bees. We have the latest protective gear that keeps our professionals safe and the best substances and equipment for getting rid of these pests effectively.

Rather than put yourself at risk of serious harm from stings, why not let trained professionals get rid of these pests for you? Call Diamond Lawns, we’ll give you our best quote and get started as soon as you need.