Weed control

Weed Control Service in Idaho

Nothing can be more disheartening than finding an army of weeds invading your lawn and yard. At times it seems like weeds will never go away, even after hours and days of pulling them out. However, Diamond Lawns and Pests is here to offer your yard some hope: Invasive weeds can be controlled! At Diamond Lawns and Pests, we offer weed control services to help you take back your yard and rid it of unwanted weeds. If you are in Idaho and find yourself dealing with invasive weeds, reach out to us today!

Invasive Weed Control

There are many things that can impact a yard and lawn and negatively affect its overall health. Crabgrass, dandelions, and other invasive weeds can infect your lawn and steal the nutrients it needs in order to grow. A beautiful, well-kept lawn can quickly become consumed by these weeds as they rapidly spread through seed shoots or root systems. At Diamond Lawns and Pests we offer an extended pre-emergent program that is designed to specifically target these invasive weeds and help the overall strength of your lawn. We want to help you not only get rid of your weed problem but also prevent these weeds from coming back.

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Our locally trained professionals know the needs of the lawns and yards in Idaho and have the experience to care for your lawn. You can trust Diamond Lawns and Pests to take care of your yard just like you would. Contact us today to start helping your lawn and yard be the best they can be!