Fall Feeding for Your Trees

Fall Feeding for Trees

The winters in Idaho can be long and harsh. With temperatures dropping below zero in some parts of the state, it is important that you take care of your foliage before the snow sets in. If you have trees in your yard, young or old, it is important that you use a deep root tree fertilization service in the fall. A fall feeding for trees strengthens, nourishes, and protects your trees, giving them the boost they need throughout the winter. After a long hot summer, and with winter ahead, fall is the best time for a tree feeding.

Other benefits of a fall feeding for trees include protection against disease and environmental wear and tear. A fall feeding for trees also strengthens the tree from the roots on up.


Why a Professional Fall Feeding for Trees is Important

When done by professionals like Diamond Lawn & Pests, deep holes are strategically drilled around the base of the tree, and a deep root treatment is administered. Without the help of a professional, you risk damaging and killing your trees.

Not all trees need a fall fertilization treatment, and a professional can help you determine which of your trees do and do not need a fall feeding. A fall feeding for some trees, though, is vitally important to their overall health and survival. Calling in the experts could be a matter of crucial health for your trees.

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