The Finest Tree Care in Idaho

If you’re looking for quality tree care services in Idaho, look no further; our Diamond tree professionals are fully equipped with the tools and capabilities your trees need to thrive all year long.

Protect and Preserve Your Trees

If neglected, trees can quickly and easily become susceptible to all sorts of diseases, complications, and infestations. Our leafy friends are at risk for becoming subject to a seemingly endless list of problems such as harmful insects, defoliation, iron deficiency, winter burn, root damage, viral infections, and the list goes on and on. There are even some issues that are quite inconspicuous and can carry out their damage completely undetected until it’s too late.

Fortunately, all of these deadly and frighteningly common issues can be prevented with the right care and treatments, which is exactly what we provide at Diamond Lawns. Call one of our representatives today to schedule an appointment with one of our Idaho tree care experts!

DIY Tree Care for Idaho Residents

We provide a wide variety of tree care services, from nourishing deep root injections to professional pruning, but there are a few things you can do to help your trees develop properly inside and out! Use the following tips from our tree care experts to pamper your trees between regular intervals of professional maintenance.

Prune Lightly

Do-it-yourself pruning can be dangerous and detrimental to both you and your trees, so we don’t suggest you take that risk. However, a little light pruning never hurt anyone. If your trees are looking a little congested, it’s not a bad idea to clear some of the clutter to let them breathe and soak up all the sunshine they can. Be sure to remove dead, diseased, or broken branches in your pruning process, but leave the hard-to-reach areas and heavy-duty branches to the professionals.

Help Them Breathe

A common mistake homeowners make when planting their own trees is the depth at which they plant them. There’s no need to bury your trees’ roots in the deepest, darkest pits of the earth. Let them breathe! If you think your trees are buried too deep to thrive, do a little light and gentle digging to expose a bit of base and root.

Water Just Right

Everyone knows that a tree will die without enough water, but it’s also possible for a tree to suffer because of too much water. Our tree care Idaho experts suggest watering your trees with a steady stream from a garden hose for about 30 seconds, so long as the soil isn’t still moist from your last watering.

Give Your Trees the Care They Deserve

Your trees are beautiful, life-giving organisms that deserve and require proper care and maintenance in order to live at their highest potential. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a Diamond Lawns tree care Idaho professional, and we’ll give your trees the care they deserve!