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Earwig Removal & Exterminator in Idaho

Earwigs are small brown insects with wicked-looking pincers on their hindquarters. Despite popular myths, the pincers aren’t strong enough to pierce through human tissues, and they don’t have any habit of crawling into the human ear! Usually, you’ll only ever see earwigs in dark areas running away quickly.

Are Earwigs Dangerous to Humans?

Earwigs are usually harmless and actually are helpful because they eat mites, fleas, insect eggs, and aphids.

However, they can also eat your garden crop and plants. Occasionally, you can find them inside homes in dark, moist areas, such as bathrooms, gutters, and kitchens, where females can lay up to fifty eggs at once.

They’re usually solitary but may emit a pheromone that attracts other earwigs to a successful area. So, if you see a few inside or too many outside, it’s time to call a professional to stop their spread.

Tips to Reduce Earwigs on Your Property

During the day, earwigs stay in tree stumps, piles of leaves, mulch, flower pots, and damaged fruit. Here are a few ways to deal with earwigs on your property:

  • Raise young plants indoors where earwigs can’t eat them.
  • Don’t plant dense ground cover plants, where earwigs thrive, around your vegetables and flowers.
  • Clean up dark, organic hiding places, such as old boards and leaf piles.
  • Get chickens or ducks to eat earwigs.

Call Diamond Lawns to Control Earwig Populations

If you have found earwigs in your home or want to control their population in your yard, contact us here at Diamond Lawns. We’ll carefully inspect your property to understand why they’re multiplying, especially if they’re inside your home! With your approval, we’ll use appropriate and preventative measures to get rid of them and keep them away.