Tree Disease and Insect Applications

tree diseases

If you live in Idaho, you’ve likely had a problem with a few local lawn pests or tree disease. Keep your lawn pristine and your tree disease-free with the help of our services for tree disease and insect applications from Diamond Lawns.

Landscaping is often a big part of your home and the curb appeal of a house. When you start battling lawn disease and pesky insects that damage your trees, all your hard landscaping work is jeopardized. With the help of targeted lawn treatments, insect applications, and tree disease management plans, Diamond Lawns can help save all your hard landscaping work.

Insect Applications

Diamond Lawns offers several insect applications. These insect applications can be specifically catered to your insect problems. By using unique treatments, insect applications are more effective and efficient. Taking care of your lawn and tree disease-related insect issues is easy with the help of Diamond Lawns because we’re familiar with the bug problems in your area. From spider mites to bark beetles and from thrips to weevils, there is an insect application that can easily take care of any insect-related lawn or tree disease.

Tree Disease

When tree disease isn’t insect related, it can be difficult for people without arbor knowledge to diagnose. Because Diamond Lawns specializes in tree disease and tree care, you can trust that your favorite plants are in good hands. With over 10 years of experience behind us, we have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to effectively diagnose and treat your trees.

Contact us today to learn more about tree disease and insect applications, and the services we provide.