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Confirmation of Spring

Confirmation of Spring – The Common Lilac The Common Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) is a familiar confirmation of spring.  As this early spring season approaches, we notice the flower buds swelling on the lilacs as with other spring blooming shrubs. The common lilac needs very little care.  They prefer full sun for best bloom quality and disease resistance.  Lilacs are quite drought tolerant once established for a few years, however they do benefit from deep soakings once or twice a month during...

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Spring Gardening Tips

As the days begin to get longer and warmer, it’s time to get ready for spring gardening.  The ground may still be cold but longer days have already begun to coax your plants out of their winter dormancy.  It’s undoubtedly early-there is not a lot of true gardening to do yet-but there are several valuable ways that you can prepare for the busy spring and summer seasons ahead. Follow these tips below for a welcoming garden that’s filled with color, fragrance and food. Survey the...

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Why Overseed?

Why Overseed? Overseeding when needed will improve a lawn significantly and make it much harder for weeds to become established. Grass needs to be revitalized every few years or when there has been a drought situation in the area. Overseeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction. There are two major benefits to overseeding: Ensures your lawn stays thick and dense Helps create disease resistance. Additional benefits of overseeding: Fill in bare spots Improve the density...

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General Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

General Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions Always use sharp shears or saws so your cuts are clean. Use pruning shears on young trees and limbs less than 1/2 inch diameter, and lopping shears for your bigger cuts. For mature fruit trees, use a pruning saw. Begin by removing dead wood and broken branches. Then cut out any wood that crosses or rubs against any other branches. This opens up the middle so the sun can get to all the fruit. Make your cut close to a bud, to a joint in the branch, or to the trunk; never leave a stub. The...

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What Is Lawn Aeration?

What Is Lawn Aeration? When you aerate your lawn, you punch holes in the soil. These holes allow more air and water circulation around your lawn’s roots, preventing fungal invasions, and they encourage the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms eat lawn thatch, a layer of dead bits of grass on top of the soil that can choke out your lawn. Aeration also makes it easier for your lawn to grow stronger, deeper roots. A good root system is essential for your lawn’s survival in times...

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper Should you hire a professional landscaping company or not, that is the question. You have to weight the pros and cons, and use some common sense. You have to ask you self some important questions first. Is this my first landscaping project? Am I planning on doing a little area or a big area? Do I under such technical things as drainage, pitching and so on? What kind of plants work best for what I want to do? Do I understand how plants work together in landscaping? Do I want just flowers, or...

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Mulching Protects Soil

Mulching Protects Soil Consider using mulch as a way to keep your soil in your garden area healthy and protected. Mulch is a protective layer of material spread on top of soil. There are many different kinds of mulch that can be used in gardening and all of them are extremely beneficial. You can use organic mulches like grass clippings, straw, bark chips, and other similar materials. Inorganic mulches like stones, brick chips, and plastics are also very popular. Both types of mulch, organic and inorganic, provide...

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Save Money on Your Water Bill this Summer!

Save Money on Your Water Bill this Summer! A few ways to save money on your water bill this summer: Keep your grass a little longer. It provides shade for the soil and reduces the amount of water that evaporates from you grass. It also encourages deep rooting! Use Mulch in your gardening. It helps to maintain soil moisture around plants trees and shrubs. Avoid dark colored mulch that attracts heat. Pine bark, nuggets, and hardwood chips are best! Catching condensation dripping from the air conditioning unit is a good way to water...

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